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Television Repair services

Missing out on your favorite shows due to a TV breakdown?

An unwanted TV breakdown while you’re watching your favorite shows could be devastating. Moreover, the rising cost of TV repair & replacements could just exaggerate your worries. Therefore, you must  get a comprehensive service plan that ensures protection from damages or electrical failures.

Breakdown cover

Complete protection from electrical & mechanical damages.

Professional team

An expert team that provides quick repairs for your TV.

24*7 Availability

Our team is always on hand to fix your issues.

What’s covered in our annual maintenance contract?

We offer repair and protection for a wide range of televisions across the UK. With 1coverall, you don’t have to face the breakdown costs alone. 

Complete protection in case of Accidental damage
Coverage in the event of mechanical failure or electrical breakdown
On-call repairs
Speedy repair services from expert technicians
Quick response- Within 3 hours
Repairs for any television brand/model

We repair all the leading brands

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    Leave your television repairs to us!

    Getting a home appliance plan gives you peace of mind that your television is protected from a partial or full breakdown. With our annual maintenance contract, you’ll have our back when your television suffers  damage or mechanical failure.

    When you reach out to us for instant television repairs in the UK, we’ll arrange for a skilled technician who’ll offer hands-on technical assistance. So what are you waiting for?  Get a personalized quote for your television repairs now.

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